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A Day at Alley Pond Park

Posted by teamharpo on June 28, 2008 at 10:15 PM

A hot day in June finds us going to a park that we visited in our early days as novice cachers.  Since then a few more caches have been placed so we head out to find all of them.  The park is not far from our home and it is just inside New York City along the border and West of the Cross Island Parkway.  We searched for the entrance where we could park but ended up on a street and settled for an entrance that we can walk into.  We ended up moving the car one more time (where we parked in the early days) to hit the other half of the park and the last 4 or so caches.  The park has a fairly new high ropes course that is open to the public and run by the city parks department.

We had a wonderful time in the park on the trails and wandering by the playing fields and playgrounds.  There sure is a lot of poison ivy here though!  We are both susceptible to it and we hope we stayed far enough away from it. 

Here are the caches we found and the logs, cheers!

Criminalistics 101: Tool marks

Team Harpo find number 321 and 1 of 9 for the day.

On a hot June day, we decided to head to the park where we can find some shade and some caches. We tried to find a cache in this park over a year ago and were unsuccessful, however we were novices at the time, plus it was the dead of winter (excuses, excuses). Today we were 9 for 9.

Detectives Team Harpo arrived to solve the CSI case in the park with this first find. We LN, TN and SL, cheers!

Criminalistics 101: Serology

Team Harpo find number 322 and 2 of 9 for the day.

Detectives Team Harpo found our second clue, so far so good. We found the clue but we were unsure since the coordinates were sending us in the wrong direction. We eventually found while trying to avoid the poison ivy! We also spotted an ice cream truck for some refreshments. We LN, TN and SL, cheers!

Criminalistics 101: Trace

Team Harpo find number 323 and 3 of 9 for the day.

Detectives Team Harpo found our third clue, we find it weird that the crime labs are so far apart! After grabbing something from the ice cream truck, we wander past a ropes course. We know exactly what it is since we have a lot of experience with them. We found this one quickly and head off for the next one. We grab the 2 TBs and SL, cheers!

Criminalistics 101: Questioned Documents

Team Harpo find number 324 and 4 of 9 for the day.

Our crack Detective Team finds the 4th clue out in the open. We walked right by it and backtracked to it through the low plant growth. It was probably more poison ivy. We hide the sample better than we found it and head on to the next cache (or crime lab). We LN, TN and SL, cheers!

Criminalistics 101: Fingerprints

Team Harpo find number 325 and 5 of 9 for the day.

Our crack Detective Team finds the 5th and final clue. We head back to the squad car to put our case together so we are able to apprehend our suspect and solve the case. We hope we are successful and have the right evidence so we don't have to do that long walk in the crime lab again! We LN, TN and SL, cheers!


LI Motor Parkway #7 - Alley Pond Park

Team Harpo find number 326 and 6 of 9 for the day.

On this hot June day, we are looking for clues for the CSI cache and this one is on the way as well. We found a cache in Garden City that is along the Motor Parkway and this works in well with that one. We locate the hiding spot after avoiding the prying eyes of some muggles. We find a TB that we had before so we leave it for others. We take one TB, LN, and SL, cheers!


CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Team Harpo find number 327 and 7 of 9 for the day.

The Detective Team Harpo was able to use the clues we found in the very large Crime Lab to piece together the crime. Our coordinates were then verified by the local police and we were able to surround our suspect and apprehend him. After his arrest he confessed and he will be spending most of his future days behind bars.

This was a very fun series of caches and we loved our journey in the park today. We TN, LN, and SL, cheers!

Cooper's Cache

Team Harpo find number 328 and 8 of 9 for the day.

A long time ago while we were novices we tried to find this cache. It was a cold winter day and well, we never found it. We were on a roll today and were able to locate it this time along with 8 others in the park. Thanks for the cache. We TN, LN, and SL, cheers!


Team Harpo find number 329 and 9 of 9 for the day.

Our last find for the day in this great park. We watch for thorns and look at the pretty flowers and get scratched by the thorns. The overgrowth is quite substantial at this time of the year. I think we made a pretty good path to it although it is still difficult to locate. We TN, LN, and SL, cheers!

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