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Utah, Yellowstone, and Colorado

Posted by teamharpo on September 22, 2012 at 10:50 PM

This is our big trip. We are celebrating 20 years married and we planned this trip to Yellowstone as well as visiting a few family members along the way in Salt Lake City and Cheyenne, Wyoming. We started the trip in Salt Lake City, Utah and spent a few days there and then we travelled up through Idaho, a piece of Montana and into Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming. We had a great time spending 3 nights in the park and we saw 2 grizzly bears, a few wolves, coyotes, bison and numerous birds. We then went to the Grand Tetons and stayed in Jackson Hole. We then made the long journey across Wyoming to Cheyenne where we stayed the night. The next day we stopped in Denver Colorado before flying back to New York. It was a great trip that we will remember for a long time.


We found geocaches in 5 different states on this trip and we will not forget these as well.


Here are the logs of the finds:

September 15


If you build it they will come!

This is Team Harpo's first visit to Utah and this is the first Geocache that we have found in this state.


After going over to Antelope Island and checking out the Great Salt Lake, we ate dinner and looked for this cache. We found this cache easily enough but the log is full and we just checked to see if we could sign it. We put it back in its hiding spot and went back to our lodging.


Thanks for the cache, cheers.


September 16

Oquirrh Park Invasion by Reed Mapper&TellFamily 1

Team Harpo is visiting Utah and on the way to the Copper Mine we noticed the sign for the Olympic Oval. On the return trip back to Ogden, we made a detour to check out the oval. Lucky for us there is a cache here for us to find and log. We located ground zero and although it was off slightly we looked around to the most likely hiding spot. We located the cache and signed the log (which is completely full now) and then we put it back. This is the 2nd cache we have located while staying here in Utah.


On to Idaho tomorrow, cheers!



September 17


TU-BE or not TU-BE

Team Harpo found this cache today on our way to Yellowstone National Park. We checked out the lava too. Nice hide and good hint.


This is our first find in Idaho, thanks for the cache, cheers.



Lava trails (North Bound)

Team Harpo stopped at the rest stop and learned a bit about the lava flow. We looked for this cache and stayed on the path! We located it and signed the log. Thanks for the cache and the hunt. Our second find in Idaho, cheers.



Montana Divide

On our way to Yellowstone and wanted to make sure we have a Montana cache - voila! TFTC - Cheers - TeamHarpo



Harriman's Mile

On our way to Yellowstone as we visit the area on our vacation from the east coast - TFTC - TeamHarpo - Cheers!



September 18


Old Faithful Geyser at Yellowstone National Park

Finally making our visit to Yellowstone - awesome! TFTC - TeamHarpo - Cheers!




Finally made it to Yellowstone - great visit - TFTC - TeamHarpo - Cheers



September 19


Yellowstone - Very Bad Breath

A visit to Yellowstone - TFTC - Team Harpo - Cheers (nice smell)



September 21


Duck, Duck, Goose

Our trip from Salt Lake City to Yellowstone to Jackson to Cheyenne to Denver is now on the down side :( Picked up this cache on our way out of town - no Elk :( but did see a coyote walking along the fence :) TFTC - TeamHarpo Cheers!



September 22


My Favorite Place in Golden

Tftc state number five on or trip



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